Dianne Sammut

Hello my name is Dianne Sammut…

… and I am an Image Consultant with a passion for helping people to realise their own personal style and image. I am a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

I have been a member of Toastmasters for over 25 years and bring my passion to help people develop into my business.

I love to travel both in Australia and overseas. I enjoy walking outdoors, exploring new places and meeting new people.

As an Image Consultant/Personal Stylist, I really enjoy helping others and that is why I love what I do every single day – help individuals both women and men, to feel confident within themselves and to look great!

We all go through different phases in our lives, when our lifestyle changes, sometimes our body shape or physique will change too. It may be leaving school to enter the work force, starting a family, changing careers or going through menopause. Whether or not you have gained or lost weight, sometimes we just need a pick-me-up, to feel re-energised and create a fresh new look. I love to help, by showing you the ideal colours for your complexion and clothing styles for your body shape and physique, to really add impact to your image and put a spring back into your step!

Phases of Life:
Puberty – Teenagers developing into young adults
Losing weight through diet or exercise
Gaining weight – being time poor for exercise or eating healthy
Altered shape after childbirth
Change in shape due to illness
Gaining weight through middle age or menopause
These phases of life can also bring about change in your lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes:
Young adults may be entering the work force for the first time and need to know how to dress appropriately for a business environment
A promotion may require you to dress at a senior management level

Perhaps you have left the corporate world and now work from home or you may be a full time parent and therefore relaxed comfortable clothing that is easy to maintain and allows you to dress quickly, will be more suitable.

Retirement has allowed you to travel and you need to pack lightly with key pieces to mix and match for versatility.

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